The purpose?

It all starts with education. However, it concerns not only consumers but also the other part of the fashion market – designers and clothing companies. The main purpose of this venture is to attract attention to the matter of how the rights of the entities in the fashion industry are legally protected.

The fashion business is often perceived as one that offers customers things they don’t need. That is the reason why it is common for buyers to be unaware of how much work and creative effort it takes to design a product that fits in with a trend, yet is different from others.

When it comes to designers, they often find it difficult to differentiate between inspiration and infringement.

Through this campaign, we would like to point out that the entities in the fashion business have rights and that certain elements of clothing may be subject to legal protection.

What is it about?

Designers taking part in the campaign submit either a product designed specifically for it or their flagship piece of merchandise. It must have creative features and must not infringe any third-party rights. Submitting an item, the designer guarantees to the customers its unique characteristic.

A list of the products along with details on the designer/company and a link to their webpage, where you can purchase the submitted item, is available at “Designers”.

How is the protection made apparent?

A phrase about the protection of copyright or other rights inherent to the owner of the brand is put on the submitted product’s label.

How to take part?

Send a picture or a design of a product you wish to submit to

The result?

Every time a buyer puts on a clothing item, they are made aware of the brand owner’s exclusive rights.